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Missions and Services

Wallace Mobile Healthcare was established with a heart of Christian faith and service. Knoxville, TN is our home. We strive to serve the physical and spiritual needs of underserved peoples throughout Eastern Tennessee and the Appalachian region. Many of our Volunteers extend our ministry of caring beyond Tennessee into other national and international communities. From the local family in the midst of struggling with health costs to the child halfway around the world with no basic care, we are there to extend a helping hand.

To this end our mission is to:

  • Share and glorify the life of Christ through loving and caring for our less fortunate neighbors
  • Provide free basic health services to the uninsured living in poverty in Knox County, Tennessee through a personalized home
  • visit mission program
  • Extend a similar helping hand to other underprivileged people groups, including homeless missions and underserved rural and
  • international communities
  • Honor the memory of Dr. William Wallace, a Knoxville native and surgeon, who gave his life in service to Christ and the people
  • of China

Our Service Programs

Homeless Shelter Care Program

As Jesus encouraged us to care for the homeless, Wallace Mobile focuses on the physical and spiritual health of residents in our community’s homeless shelters. Our healthcare providers serve the acute and chronic healthcare needs of shelter clients who have limited or no access to government provided health services. As with our Home Visit Program, education, community resource connections, medication assistance and spiritual care are provided.

Urban and Rural Community Clinics

WMH supports urban Knoxville and rural East Tennessee communities in the nearby Appalachian region where residents have very limited access to healthcare services for economic or other reasons. Our multidisciplinary mobile clinic travels to these communities on a quarterly basis to provide medical care for acute and chronic illness, screenings, health and wellness education, healthcare resource assessments and spiritual guidance and support.


Jesus commanded his disciples to take the good news of salvation throughout the world. In like fashion, Wallace Mobile Healthcare intends to share the love of Christ through health and spiritual care with people groups in need around the world. Each year Wallace Mobile Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in one or more international mobile clinic projects. These projects are designed to bring much-needed healthcare and the gospel to groups of people in Africa, Asia, South America or other locations. Some projects include a focus on orphan care, while others include a focus on bringing the latest medical and nursing education to students in underprivileged countries.